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Wildlife Control and Removal: As our populations increase and our cities grow, they cross paths with wildlife more and more often. And getting critters off your property isn’t cut and dry. All states now have laws requiring humane wildlife control methods. At Best Pest, we know how to remove them from your property while following all rules and regulations.

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An Ounce of Prevention Keeps Squirrels Out of Your Chimney

To keep trespassing animals off your property, here are a few preventative measures recommended by the local Game & Fish Department, including:

  • Store garbage in a shed or your garage and only bring it out on the morning of collection
  • Don’t leave pet food bowls or bags outside, especially overnight
  • Fence gardens and valuable trees
  • Clear brush, weeds, woodpiles and other critter hiding spots
  • Seal foundation cracks, screen ventilation openings, fix loose siding and close up holes to attics, basements, crawl spaces and other areas around your home
  • Clean dropped seeds and hulls below bird feeders and use ones designed to keep squirrels out
  • Cover window wells with hardware cloth to keep from accidentally trapping small animals

Already Hosting a Wildlife Party? Call Best Pest Control

If preventative measures have been foiled or you already have raccoons living in your woodpile, there’s still hope. Give our team of experts a call – we’ve all lived in the Western Slope for decades and dealt with a number of wildlife issues. We’ll help you figure out how they got on your property or in your house. We’ll make sure they get out safely and humanely. Then we’ll work with you to fortify your home and property to keep them from coming back.