Frequently Asked Questions

Best Pest Control, Western Slope of Colorado

We use low-odor and the safest treatments possible, so leaving your home or removing children and pets is entirely up to you. Whatever you feel comfortable with, we’ll accommodate.

The chemical treatments Best Pest Control uses take about 30 minutes to dry and cannot be washed away by the elements – rain, snow, sun or wind – for up to 90 days.

We price fairly and at competitive rates, so coupons shouldn’t be necessary. However, if you have a coupon from another company, let us know when you call and we’ll see if we can honor the deal.

It really depends on any number of factors. The schedule for preventative treatments will be different from follow-up treatments for infestations. If your home is surrounded by trees, bushes and heavy vegetation, it may be more frequently. For our customers with high traffic homes, kids coming in and out from playing, open doors tend to invite the outdoors in. Depending on your situation, we’ll put together the best plan for you and walk you through our recommendations.

Ongoing treatments of your property during the winter are a great way to be ready for spring when nature comes alive and bugs emerge from the deep freeze. This early intervention can protect you from major issues and are worth following through on.

Most insects and other critters don’t necessarily die from the cold. They burrow deeper into the dirt for warmth or like wasps, come into your home to hibernate. If it’s a warmer than usual winter, many bugs can go about their business without interruption. Either way, we can adjust our treatments to reach the deepest hiding spots and keep your home bug free when it warms up.

We know that the ongoing expense of a pest control program isn’t your favorite way to spend money. However, by creating a barrier around your home, you’re preventing infestations that could cause very expensive damage to your health and home down the road.

Termites on your property don’t always equate to termites in your home. We’ll come out and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure they haven’t invaded, then treat the out building to kill the colony before they can turn their attention and appetite to your home.

Homes of any age can have issues with termites. The time to be vigilant is if you start noticing that other people in your neighborhood are having treatments done. Still, there’s no need to panic. Infestations and destruction don’t just happen over night. Keep an eye out for signs in your own home and call us if you suspect an issue.

While your façade or siding may be brick, termites will exploit even the smallest crack to get in and start devouring the wood framing in your walls and around windows – from your basement to your attic and roof. Have wood floors and doors? They’ll eat those, too.

One wayward mouse is not a problem. You can use glue or other traps to get rid of it and make sure it was just one. If you start catching more, then it’s probably time to contact Best Pest for help.

During warmer months, most rodents will have full bellies from eating insects, seeds and plants outside. When fall and winter roll around, that food supply dwindles, and they’ll seek out another source even if that means coming into your home. Once in your warm, cozy home with a pantry full of cereal and pasta to nibble on, they likely won’t want to leave.

While we recommend keeping an eye on pets who like to hunt, it’s unlikely that a single mouse that has perished from a few grains of bait would pose a threat to your dog.

We deal primarily in smaller wildlife, nuisances like raccoons invading garbage cans. For larger animals, please contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife 

We’re here to help, so feel free to give us a call: 970-446-3496